Saturday, 27 October 2012

Things I've learned this week

Hello everyone! Just a quick post (as shown by the lack of an open question), after a pretty busy few days in which I discovered quite a few new things about living in France. Specifically:
  1. Presentations on the American elections are genuinely interesting. The secondes have been doing presentations on the American elections, as I mentioned in my last post, and by and large they're really good. There was some excellent material on things as specific as candidates' hand gestures, for goodness' sake! Unfortunately, during their presentation one group showed us this advert as an example of Democrat advertising. Whoops. (In their defence, the rest of the class got it ...)
  2. It's very important to check that you're going in the right direction on the bus. I may have made this mistake when going to badminton for the first time yesterday, and wound up heading precisely the wrong way. Thankfully, I made it there in the end; unfortunately, I then proceeded to get absolutely destroyed by some extremely impressive badminton players.
  3. Shorts are not cool. They may be great for playing badminton in, but walking through Reims at 9pm while wearing them does get you some funny looks (and sarcastic comments from passing 15-year-olds).
  4. Journalists are nice people. I had a chat with one who'd come to visit Régates rémoises the other day. He was writing a piece for L'Union, which you can read here (try to spot me in the photo!). 
Speaking of which, I'm off there again right now. Have a lovely weekend, people!